Soo....why penguins?

Sooo...why penguins?

If you are familiar with our brand, you know the penguins are everywhere. They are on our banners, the labels, and stamped into the soap themselves. I often get asked why penguins?

I have always loved penguins.  Shortly after we had our daughter, I wanted to get a tattoo to signify that bond. Penguins were an easy choice.

Elizabeth was 2 when I started making soap. I started it as a hobby. We were buying soap from Tarpon Springs, which is about 45 minutes away. It never lasted that long, and I got really tired of going to get more soap. In August 2016, I tore my ACL & had to have surgery. I decided to take this time to learn about making soap.

I immediately fell in love the the process. Its fascinating to be able to mix such basic ingredients (oils, water, and lye) and how it turns into soap. Then I started playing with different recipes, additives, and fragrances. It took over my house. Friends really liked it and said I should start selling it.

It wasn't hard to decide on the name. Everything I do is for my family. I love making soap, but I had dreams of building something for our future and for our daughter. Elizabeth was named for her great grandmother, who went by Libby. That is why she is little Libby.

Little Libby Soap Co was officially started in November 2017.


  • What a find! I just bought some soap… My sister’s first grand daughter is named Elizabeth, and called Libby… named after her great grandmother! wow… so sweet. Ginger

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